My project has been running just over a week and things are going well. The Facebook and Twitter pages have been set up, and I also created the blog late last week. I’ve chosen Monday as the day to look at analytics and take note of my successes and failures of the week.


As I already had a page set up on Facebook from a past project, it was just a case of rebranding it. The few followers I had aren’t exactly a part of my new target audience, healthcare professionals. But they are mainly small businesses who are looking for social media advice, so hopefully I won’t lose too many of them. I have also gained 10 followers this week.

My most popular posts have been links to my blog and a graphic I created using a quote from the BDA (British Dietetic Association). So my plans to fill the Facebook page with informative image seems to be working so far. I also asked a dietitian to make a short video for my page – it was very well received, probably because she also shared the post on her page.

I have also noticed that the times my likers are on Facebook varies more than I would have thought day to day. So this week, when scheduling posts, I will be referring back to the analytics for peak audience times.


I had to start from scratch with Twitter, and have found that using Tweetdeck has helped a lot. As I need to post more frequently it is useful for scheduling posts and seeing what others have posted in a more organised way. I now have 46 followers, which has taken just under two weeks. It seems to be easier to grow a following on Twitter than Facebook. But, as I have been working on the blog the past few days, the growth has slowed.

I have found that my most popular tweets are ones where I have quoted other Twitter users. When I post my own tweets or just retweet without adding a comment I don’t get as much interaction. So in future I will on retweet as a quote. My graphics are also quite popular so I will be creating more over the next week so I have a bank of graphics and pictures to work with.


I am very happy with the look of the blog  so far, and the logo I created. My original plan was to create a blog post once a week and post on a Saturday. But I have noticed that many other social media brands share their blog posts daily. So, I think it is better for me to create as many as possible. Then, once I have a good number of posts to share I will start posting new blog posts once or twice a week.

So that’s progress…


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