Progress -Week 3-5

I planned on keeping a weekly diary of my ‘Health Matters, Social Media Matters’ project. But so much time has been spent on the blogging that I haven’t managed this, regrettably. So now I’m going to look at the past 4 weeks of work in one (probably very long) blog post.

Week 2

I last blogged on week 2. The social media pages had been set up, as well as the blog, and I was starting to grow my following.

Week 3

This week’s theme was ‘Getting Started on Social Media’. Looking back at my Twitter Analytics, I’ve noticed that I had a higher amount of impressions this week than any other subsequent weeks. This was boosted by a post on ‘Happy Heart Hugs Day’. So I’m making a note to look at more ‘days of the year’ trends. My audience obviously react well to happy posts.

On Facebook this week, I posted 2-3 times daily. My post offering free social media advice was well-received, but other than this I was struggling with Facebook as a whole.

I noticed my following hadn’t grown on either Facebook or Twitter during this week. I was focusing on creating content, and hadn’t really attempted to engage with my audience. I then realised that engagement was just as important, if not more so, than making sure I had a post for everyday.

Week 4

Week 4’s theme was ‘image creation’ – looking at photo editing, graphic-making. I centred the week around my experiment creating flat lay images. I also created an infographic on image sizes for each social media platform. These were both well-received on Facebook and Twitter. From this I’m definitely going to look at a more personal approach to my social media pages. I think my followers will react to this better.

I spent this week trying to contact dietitians directly on Facebook to talk about my project. Many seemed hesitant to directly ask for help. But they we’re happy to follow the page and look at the advice I gave them. I also followed more dietitians on Twitter, and tried to engage with them more. This week I saw my following grow faster than any other week.

Week 5

As I was away this week, I decided to do two experiments. The first was a ‘Twitter Takeover’ experiment.  I chose to have a dietitian take over my page for the week. Although it was a good idea, it needed to be more well thought-out. My impressions, engagement and post likes dropped due to the lack of posting. I’d really like to retry this experiment with a more detailed plan in the future.

The second experiment was using Hootsuite to schedule all my posts of Facebook for a week. I wrote more about it on my blog here. I’ll stick to using Facebook and Tweetdeck to schedule my posts. But it was interesting to see that not everything I thought about automation tools was correct. My reach did not drop dramatically, as I would ahve expected. I may look more closely into using Hootsuite as I start to take on clients.

Things to Look At

  • Staying engaged with followers – especially on Facebook, as it is more difficult.
  • Balancing types of posts – personal and business (80/20)
  • Following trends



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