Progress Week 8


Finally, I’m making progress with Facebook. My likes have increased in line with the predictions (based on previous weeks). The only area that has decreased is the video views. So, this week I’m going to take the time to plan a video.

I followed the 80/20 rule and it has worked very well. My engagement and reach has grown more than 6 times. I have received comments, and not just likes, which is very important. Also, my most popular post of the week was the one that had a link to my weekly blog post. This was reflected in my blog analytics. 126 out of 128 click-throughs were from Facebook. I’m very happy with this.


My blog views have increased vastly this week, and it is completely due to Facebook. As I already mentioned, most of my click-throughs are from Facebook. The majority of viewers were new, but their time spent on the page is only 46 seconds. This means that now I’ve found how to get people onto my blog, I need to encourage them to stay there.

This week I have received my first guest post to publish on the blog. So, I am hoping that this will keep viewers on the page longer. I also need to encourage viewers to browse other pages on the blog. I will do this by adding links to other areas of the blog within the blog post. I also need to do more research into reducing bounce rates.


My followers are growing in line with predictions. I have also taken the time to unfollow some people who aren’t following me, which seemingly makes a page look more professional. It also gives me the room to follow new people.

I will continue what I am doing with Twitter, as it is working well. But I need to choose specific days or times to look at Twitter throughout the week so I am not constantly checking messages and tweets.

Coming Week

I need to focus on putting the ebook together, so I have a ‘sneak preview’ to show my followers by the end of the week. Also, I’m going to keep to the 80/20 rule and make sure I link to other bloggers and dietitians, to keep engagement up.


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