About Carnie

Hi, I’m Carnie… short for Carneika.


Windswept and interesting…

I’m adventurous in my head… but I can be so lazy. I colour and bake when I’m feeling stressed. I  write and make jewellery when I’m feeling creative. The rest of the time I spend daydreaming, napping and watching TV (why does no one watch TV anymore?)


Nelly (left) is my little spoilt bunny. Jerry (right) was my rescue bunny. He spent the first few months of his life in a cage before being rescued by the RSPCA. I then adopted him, and after surviving a fox attack he lived happily in his shed with Nelly until his little heart couldn’t hold out anymore ❤


This is the new addition to our family, Sam. He’s a bit of a grumpy bun. But Nelly loves him – and she was getting a bit lonely so that’s all that matters. He’s a lucky bunny who was rescued just as he was about to be set free (note: you can’t set domestic rabbits free – they can’t live in the wild). He was a bit grubby and doesn’t really like people. But he’ll soon learn to be loved!


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