Progress – Week 6

As I didn’t get back from holiday until part way through this week, I found it hard to catch up. I only scheduled posts up to Monday, when I did not have time to schedule posts properly until Wednesday. In future, I will make sure I have posts scheduled up to three days after I am away. This will give me more time to catch up on messages and what’s going on around social media without worrying about posting.

I say see in my analytics that my engagement and impressions/reach have suffered this week. The scheduled posts are taking up a lot more of my time than I originally anticipated. On Friday I managed to schedule the basic posts for the week ahead, so I can focus on engagement, as well as looking at finding some collaborators.

The Coming Week

Yesterday, I had a Skype conversation with a lady who is working on social media in a similar area to myself. She is further along than I am, with paying clients and plans for events and webinars. She is keen to collaborate with me int he future and  will hopefully be a future project partner.

I  have some dietitians who are keen to assist with the ebook, which I really need to get started on. I now need to turn the focus from the social media pages to the ebook and find out where these collaborators would come in useful.

A while ago I had a blogger who was interested in a guest posting on ‘dietitians and social media’. So I plan to have a draft completed  by the end of the week for him to look at.

So little time, so much to do….


Progress -Week 3-5

I planned on keeping a weekly diary of my ‘Health Matters, Social Media Matters’ project. But so much time has been spent on the blogging that I haven’t managed this, regrettably. So now I’m going to look at the past 4 weeks of work in one (probably very long) blog post.

Week 2

I last blogged on week 2. The social media pages had been set up, as well as the blog, and I was starting to grow my following.

Week 3

This week’s theme was ‘Getting Started on Social Media’. Looking back at my Twitter Analytics, I’ve noticed that I had a higher amount of impressions this week than any other subsequent weeks. This was boosted by a post on ‘Happy Heart Hugs Day’. So I’m making a note to look at more ‘days of the year’ trends. My audience obviously react well to happy posts.

On Facebook this week, I posted 2-3 times daily. My post offering free social media advice was well-received, but other than this I was struggling with Facebook as a whole.

I noticed my following hadn’t grown on either Facebook or Twitter during this week. I was focusing on creating content, and hadn’t really attempted to engage with my audience. I then realised that engagement was just as important, if not more so, than making sure I had a post for everyday.

Week 4

Week 4’s theme was ‘image creation’ – looking at photo editing, graphic-making. I centred the week around my experiment creating flat lay images. I also created an infographic on image sizes for each social media platform. These were both well-received on Facebook and Twitter. From this I’m definitely going to look at a more personal approach to my social media pages. I think my followers will react to this better.

I spent this week trying to contact dietitians directly on Facebook to talk about my project. Many seemed hesitant to directly ask for help. But they we’re happy to follow the page and look at the advice I gave them. I also followed more dietitians on Twitter, and tried to engage with them more. This week I saw my following grow faster than any other week.

Week 5

As I was away this week, I decided to do two experiments. The first was a ‘Twitter Takeover’ experiment.  I chose to have a dietitian take over my page for the week. Although it was a good idea, it needed to be more well thought-out. My impressions, engagement and post likes dropped due to the lack of posting. I’d really like to retry this experiment with a more detailed plan in the future.

The second experiment was using Hootsuite to schedule all my posts of Facebook for a week. I wrote more about it on my blog here. I’ll stick to using Facebook and Tweetdeck to schedule my posts. But it was interesting to see that not everything I thought about automation tools was correct. My reach did not drop dramatically, as I would ahve expected. I may look more closely into using Hootsuite as I start to take on clients.

Things to Look At

  • Staying engaged with followers – especially on Facebook, as it is more difficult.
  • Balancing types of posts – personal and business (80/20)
  • Following trends


Social Media Practice: Periscope

Before there was Facebook, there was MySpace. We used to feel comfortable on one platform, then when it became obsolete we moved onto the next. Now there are new social media platforms being created all the time – Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn – and it’s normal to be on multiple platforms. This week I’ve been looking at a new social media platform (well new for me anyways) – Periscope.


“Periscope was founded on the belief that live video is a powerful source of truth and connects us in an authentic way with the world around us. We are fascinated by the idea of discovering the world through someone else’s eyes. What’s it like to see through the eyes of a protester in Ukraine? Or watch the sunrise from a hot air balloon in Cappadocia?

“While there are many ways to discover events, movements and places, we realized there is no better way to experience something than through live video. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but live video lets us explore the world together.” (Periscope, 2016)

Basically, it is a platform where you can create your own channel to live stream videos. I haven’t had much of a chance to play around with it yet as I’ve mainly been looking at channels created by others.

It’s going to be a great platform for the live streaming of events and news. At the moment it seems to be mainly full of people live streaming their travels. I may try to introduce it to some of my crafting friends because I think it’ll be good for them to show their work-in-progress or how-to videos.

Also, as Periscope was bought by Twitter shortly before it was launched, you can connect the two…

Image result for the possibilities are endless meme

Periscope (2016) Available at: (Accessed: 30 January 2017).

New Year’s Resolutions

I haven’t posted for a while because that’s generally how my blogging life is really.. erratic. I was busy trying to figure out what my lecturers wanted from me, then I got ill. Oh how I hate being ill.

Anyway, I’m better in time for New Year.. and just in time to panic about my assignments. So instead of working I’ve decided to write my list of New Year’s Resolutions before I start at my day job for the last time this year.

I hate the whole “new year new me” thing. If you’re doing that every year you’re the same moron you were last year… and all the other years.

My list is more of a to do list.. to continue on things I’ve already been improving this year.

  1. Get fit and healthy – Tonsillitis kicked my butt over Christmas. I had been doing pretty well at building up my immune system. But obviously some germs got in. So time to start again.. which brings me on to…
  2. Make a home-cooked meal at least once a week – I started doing this earlier in the year. But it trailed off as it got closer to Christmas. So my next step is to find more recipes that I can convince my boyfriend to eat.
  3. Set my career plans in motion – By May I will be done with half of my University course. That means no more lectures. So, even though I will be concentrating on my Dissertation, I’ll have the time to get more experience in social media, while building up my freelance writing. My plan is social media desk job + freelance writer. After looking into going freelance as a social media consultant, a job in an established company seems to be a  better option.
  4. Save money to move out – Next year, if all goes to plan, I will actually be working enough (that’s paid working) to afford to move out. So before iI splash out on shoes and Costa’s, I have to start saving.
  5. Have a nice holiday (hot hot hot)- This completely goes against the last one. But all work and no play…

You may have noticed that passing my driving test isn’t on this list.. or you’ve never read my blog before and you don’t care. Either way, I’m not pressuring myself into something that stresses me out that much. When I feel like I can have another go I will. Until then, a few more train and bus rides will build character… I guess.

Have a lovely New Year guys. See you on the other side!

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A Little Update on The Life of Carnie

Everything on this blog has been Uni-related lately so I thought I’d break it up with a little life update.

First of all University is going great! I’m loving it. My first lot of deadlines are coming up, and I think I’ve got it all under control. I’m not feeling too overwhelmed.. yet. I hope I’m not speaking too soon.

As part of my Enterprise module I’m setting myself up as a Social Media Consultant. If you want to follow my progress, you can here.

What else?

I’ve just starting writing for a new fashion and lifestyle blog – My first post is on Winter Nails. I’m really starting to like this whole fashion writing thing… even though my fashion sense is, at best, rather quirky.

The jewellery-making has had to take a back seat. I just can’t fit everything in. I’ve barely even had time to colour… and I really love colouring…

Image result for colouring  meme

… almost as much as I love SATC

World Mental Health Day…

635908346636429433-1374568115_its-ok-not-to-be-okI was supposed to be logging on to write a summary for Uni but I when realised that it’s World Mental Health Day, I had to say something first. So I just started writing.

I was an anxious child, an anxious teenager and I am now a slightly less anxious adult. Sometimes I wish I had a story to tell about the day that set off my anxiety. There’s so much on the news and all over social media saying that this world is making us anxious, and for some that’s true. I feel your pain but I’m not sure you feel mine.

I can’t pinpoint that moment where it all started. Was I born like this? People talk about coping mechanisms and meditation but if there’s actually something wrong with my brain the truth is I should probably just stick to medication forever – medication that I’m not even sure works.

If it works then it must be working right now, which means I have to admit I’m just a horrible person sometimes. I let things get to me and take it out on my loved ones – and that’s a short list of people. That’s not the anxiety, that’s me. Or maybe there’s no difference between the two.

Sitting with my best friend is the only time I feel like someone truly understands. Two people who have grown up to lead pretty different lives, connected by their enemy, which seems to give them the same loves and hates. The same fears.

I write. That’s what I do. I’m so sorry to anyone that doesn’t see it as a release because I don’t know what I’d do without it. Then again I’m not so great at expressing myself out loud. My words get mixed up. My fear comes out as anger, and everything else comes out as tears.

I don’t want sympathy for this. I don’t want to feel normal, that’s boring. I’d just like to cope better, be that person people can rely on. I’m sick of judging people because they’re not in as much pain as me, or feeling judged by someone who knows someone who has it worse.

I don’t have it bad at all really. I’m building a pretty good life for myself. It’s just a bit… bumpy.

I’d like a little more patience from some. But I know I also need to be a lot more patient too. I want more of those days when I can hold my head up and smile at strangers. It sounds like a cheesy movie but it works. Just like when you shoved past that person on the train, you may have pushed them straight back into their bad mood.

Remember some people can’t differentiate between a bad mood and a bad life. Sometimes I can’t.

I guess the point in this day is to just be aware of others. I’m not great at that but I will try harder because I’ve always thought you should treat others as you want to be treated.

That whole ‘it’s ok not to be ok‘ thing – I quite like that. It feels reassuring. You shouldn’t have to paste on a happy face all day just so you don’t make others feel uncomfortable… oh and it reminds me of that My Chemical Romance song – I’m Not Okay.

I don’t care what anyone thinks of that kind of music, when I was a teenager its message was so important to me.

First Impressions

I can pretty 18b7efd302ayrjpgmuch tell whether I’m going to like someone within a few minutes of meeting them.

I’m very big on first impressions, which is weird as I’ve never been very good at them. I’ve gotten better lately but as a teenager I always used to get “I thought you hated me when we first met” or “You used to be really quiet”.

Basically I like to sit back and work out if someone is my kind of person… and I happen to have a  MAJOR resting bitch face while I do this. I’ve never been one to jump in because it never ends well. I like to see how people interact with others before I get anywhere near. If they decide in that time that they don’t like me.. fair enough.

You start talking about all the things you have in common and  become ‘besties’. Then a few days, months, weeks down the line it turns out you’re not actually that well suited, or worse they’re a serial killer.

If you have a bad feeling about someone right down in your gut, trust it! I’m not saying judge them on looks, accent, dress sense etc etc.. that’s just mean… (unless they smell.. yukk)

Here.. I’ll tell you a little story.

I lived with a girl the first year of Uni. There was something off about her. Apart from the fact that she seemed a bit chavvy I just got a bad feeling about her.

Another girl accused her of stealing… just something stupid like a bottle of water. But either no one believed her or no one cared. I’m not sure.

Anyway I brushed it aside. I was in a new place and figured I should make as many friends as possible. She got to know some of my other friends and we all ended up moving in together. We lived together for two years pretty happily. There were a few arguments but that’s girls for you.

Let’s skip to the end of the story.

Things started going missing not so mysteriously (gotta say I always thought it was her). It all came to a head when money went missing, quite a lot too. Guess who it was. Yup. HER.

Turns out she’d stole jewellery, clothes and money from my housemates. But not me because I’m ultra paranoid and locked my room even if I was just popping to the shops.

It also turned out that she’d been telling some weird tales about us to each other and anyone else who would listen. She basically disappeared at the end of term and said she was ‘ill’.

I rest my case.


Okay I am a bit dramatic. But this isn’t the first time this has happened. I feel like I have some sort of sixth sense or something.. which no one appreciates may I just say.

So here’s how I’m now going to get through life.

  1. Create a good first impression
  2. Secretly watch people an d make my mind up
  3. Hide the resting bitch face
  4. Sit back and wait to say I told you so!