A Little Update on The Life of Carnie

Everything on this blog has been Uni-related lately so I thought I’d break it up with a little life update.

First of all University is going great! I’m loving it. My first lot of deadlines are coming up, and I think I’ve got it all under control. I’m not feeling too overwhelmed.. yet. I hope I’m not speaking too soon.

As part of my Enterprise module I’m setting myself up as a Social Media Consultant. If you want to follow my progress, you can here.

What else?

I’ve just starting writing for a new fashion and lifestyle blog – Alexie.co. My first post is on Winter Nails. I’m really starting to like this whole fashion writing thing… even though my fashion sense is, at best, rather quirky.

The jewellery-making has had to take a back seat. I just can’t fit everything in. I’ve barely even had time to colour… and I really love colouring…

Image result for colouring  meme

… almost as much as I love SATC


2016… The Year I Make it Freelance

There’s nothing better than seeing your work published, especially when you’ve been writing about an important subject.

I got excited seeing my published writing for The Idle Man and the few little things I’ve done in the past, but I am especially proud of this one.

Breastfeeding in Public: Whats the big deal?

So yes, I’m happy! It was the nice boost I needed. This is the year I start writing freelance properly. Time to make a full go of it.


And I Ran..

I ran so far away.. I just ran.. I couldn’t get away…

I haven’t blogged for a while.. again… I just can’t commit! I’ve  started doing some freelance writing (PAID YAY!) so I’ll blame that. Who knew I could write about men’s fashion??  There’s also more articles in the pipeline… But I’ll need to get my ass in gear if I want to realise my dreams of becoming a work at home journalist/writer/social media person. Where’s the bloody discipline???

|__Back to the point… That’s what I looked like on holiday in 2013 . I’m at least a stone heavier than that now.. and I thought I needed to lose a few pounds at the time.

I’ve been feeling especially chunky and unfit lately, so I decided I’d start running again (and maybe I’ll eat less chocolate). It has been a while and god it killed me! But I go on holiday in a couple weeks and I want to look at least a bit toned.

So maybe I’ll blog about getting fit… Or maybe this will just be it for another month or so.. Who knows?!?!?

Oh and no.. I haven’t had chance to read another book in a while…

A Post for Valentine’s Day – Yuppee Mag

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, the day of love!

It’s not as good as Pancake Day, or even Christmas. But it’s still a pretty good day, as long as I get the flowers I hinted at then blatently asked for!

So in honor of all of you who love / hate / couldn’t care less about Valentine’s Day, here’s my latest article for Yuppee Mag:

The Five Kinds of People Who Ruin Valentine’s Day

Yuppee Mag – 3 Things I’ve Stopped Doing in 2014 (and you should too!)

I haven’t really made New Year’s resolutions this year. But these are my plans.. my attempts to break bad habits…

3 Things I’ve Stopped Doing in 2014 (and you should too!)

I Love to See My Name In Print / Published in Grad Mag

A while ago I replied to an advert for students/graduates who want to get published. I ended up writing  an article called ‘What Not To Do When You Graduate’ for Grad Mag. As they bring out their magazines six times a year I’ve had to wait a bit for it to be published.

But finally I received an email from Grad Mag’s Creative Director last week to say it would be out this week. I’ve been checking the site everyday, and today, the new magazine is out.

You can find it here – Grad Mag Issue #40 Autumn 2013 – My article is on pages 24 to 25.

I just love that rush when I see my name in print, and this time it’s not just an online article or one for Uni, it gets distributed to Universities all over the UK. So my article has to be read by at least one person. Even if they just glance at it, there’s my name is bright blue.. and its a weird one that should stick in their mind (my name not the article).

This is just the kick up the arse I need to remember my goal.. ‘Become a full-time PAID freelance writer!’

.. baby steps

New Yuppee Mag Post: Women on Bank Notes – What’s the Point?

I got annoyed about all the speculation and moaning on Twitter the other day. So this is more of a rant. But I still stand by everything I said.


Women on Bank Notes – What’s the Point?

(My mom pointed out that the title may be deceiving.. so I’ll clarify.. I am FOR women on bank notes)