AltBritain Update: Need More Engagement on Facebook


Our Facebook likes have actually decreased this week, so we’ll have to work harder to find new likers (and keep them). Over 60% of our website clicks are from Facebook so I think it’s important to grow our likes and engagement on our Facebook page.

Twitter and Instagram

Our Twitter and Instagram likes are up. Though, it does seem to be a lot easier to grow a following on Twitter and Instagram.

On average, just over 30% of our clicks to the website come from Twitter, so we need to keep up the good work on that platform.

The problem is that Instagram may be popular, and we are getting a lot of likes, but we aren’t getting any clicks to the website. This is mainly because you can’t post links in posts on Instagram. Followers have to go to the actual profile page.

Encouraging Engagement

Last week we had a guest speaker, Laura Hogan from Rice Media, who spoke to us about SEO optimisation and encouraging engagement. She told us about creating sharable content using Below is an example of how she used it for one of her clients.


One of my fellow Social Media MA students did her own experiment using two Facebook pages she is managing. You can read more about that here. From her results, it seems that using this kind of sharable content is a very successful way to grow engagement on Facebook.

My Own Experiment

I created this using As Walking Dead is popular at the moment, I am hoping that it will create some engagement on the Facebook page. Then, if it is beneficial to the page I may experiment with boosting the post. I have never paid to boost a post on Facebook so it will be interesting to see how well targeted promotion works.


An Afterthought…

I have been trying to connect with ‘alternative fashion’ pages on Facebook. Our website is lacking in fashion posts, which isn’t exactly encouraging for them. So this week I am going to write a couple of fashion posts to try to encourage new likers.


AltBritain Update

This week we have been trying to build engagement on our social media pages. I focused on Facebook, sharing links to our website as well as posts from other Facebook pages. I’ve been experimenting with scheduling posts at different times and looking for pages a with similar audience to ours.

Here are my findings:

  • The views on the page have decreased as the post reach has increased. This means people are seeing our posts without having to click on the actual page – which can only be a good thing.
  • The posts with the highest reach was posted at 17:28 on the 8th Feb – It’s reach was more than double the next highest. I’m not sure if this is due to the content or the timing. So I plan to schedule a different type post for around the same time this week to find this out.
  • A meme I created using a picture from one of our articles had a  pretty good reach, as well as a gif. relating to another post. So it seems that pictures with captions are more popular than others.
  • Posts that are slightly more serious (but still ‘alternative’) seem to be popular so we need to look for more , so we need to look for more ‘newsy’ articles to share/post.

Task for this week: Our likes on Facebook are not increasing very fast so we need to find a way to keep people on the page long enough for them to like it.